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Trade and public services

Taking care of customers fast, satisfying the most exacting requests and tastes are the main tasks of the district’s trade industry. In recent years the exterior and interior views of our shops have essentially changed for the better. We do our best to allow customers to buy any product with pleasure and minimum time costs.

The chain of proprietary shops of Gomel companies OAO 8 Marta, OAO Spartak, trading house Gomeldrev, Gomel Meat Packing Plant, Zhlobin Meat Packing Plant, trading house Milcha has been developed.

Many Gomel residents take pleasure in doing shopping at the central market. Conditions necessary for flourishing retail trade are available in the shopping arcade Melnikov Lug. In the district there are exhibition-fairs Fashion Centre, Cosmos, Passage, Europe, Katuninsky, New Style, Zhuravinka.

In the city centre you are welcome to the best restaurants Tourist, Sozh, Tri Stupeni, Okhotnichiy, Irina, multiple cafés and bars. Comfortable hotel compounds Tourist and Otel, hotels Oktyabrskaya, Tsirk offer various premium services.

Consumer services companies help residents of the district and the city a lot by addressing their everyday problems. Quality repair and service of complicated household appliances are available from OAO Gomel Oblast Sales and Maintenance Centre Garant, dry cleaning and washing services — ZAO Snezhinka, maintenance and repair of refrigerating equipment and complex household appliances, manufacturing and repair of jewellery — OAO Rembyttekhnika, production and repair of apparel — Elegant and Gomeltrikotazhbyt.