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Центральный район
Центральный район


The district is the centre of Gomel’s cultural life. The central district hosts most of the cultural events. The district’s major sights are the Oblast Drama Theatre, the Gomel Circus, the Gomel State Puppet-Show, the town experimental youth theatre-studio, the oblast public and cultural centre, the Gomel Oblast Philharmonic Hall, Vaschenko Art Gallery, the town cultural centre, the gallery of arts of the Belarusian Union of Artists, the Gomel Oblast Arts and Crafts Centre, the Gomel Central Library, the oblast museum of local lore, Kalinina Cinema. The district has 359 hobby and creative groups that cater for 7646 people (of them 13 groups have opened at industrial companies with a total of 389 members). Fifteen artistic groups have an honorary title of “People’s”.

The district has created all necessary conditions to enhance youth creativity. The Gomel State Sokolovsky College of Arts trains specialists in culture and arts. Founded in 1919 as a national conservatory, Chaikovsky Children’s Musical School have educated musicians who are well-known in Belarus and abroad. Among them are USSR People’s Artist Veronika Borisenko and world-known counter-tenor Vyacheslav Kagan-Poley.

The history of the Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble is more than 200 years old. After the reconstruction, the Gomel Circus has become a pearl of the Belarusian rich cultural heritage. Occupying 800 meters along the right bank of the River Sozh, it totals 30 hectares. The Palace and Park Ensemble includes the Rumyantsevs-Paskevichs Palace, St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, a chapel, the Winter Garden, a swan’s pond, a landscape park, a hunting lodge. In 2004, the Military and Historical Museum was opened in Gomel to mark the 60th anniversary of Belarus liberation from the Nazis.    

There are many monuments in the district: to V.I.Lenin, F.E.Derzhinsky, S.M.Kirov, P.O.Sukhoi, A.S.Pushkin, P.I.Chaikovsky, Count Rumyantsev, Irina Paskevich, A.A.Gromyko, Kirill of Turov, “Comsomol Heroes”, “Liberation”.

The Gomel residents honour the memory of the heroes who gave their lives for happiness and independence of our Motherland during the Great Patriotic War. They inlcude an eternal flame in Truda Square, common graves “Kommunary”, “Podpolschiki” (guerilla movement members), Soviet soldiers and victims of the Nazis, “Soviet soldiers and Underground Movement Members”, “Soviet Soldiers and Partisans”, memorial complexes, monuments and obelisks, memorial plaques.